Our Columns

2nd – Nara Malone – Next Generation Fiction
3rd – Tracey Livesay – Fictionistas 
4th – Leah St. James – Battling the Bulge

1st – Alexa Day – Below the Fold
2nd – Shara Lanel – Geekology
3rd – Denise Golinowski – Myth Perceptions

2nd – Siobhan Muir – Recipe for Romance
3rd – Elvy Howard – Now We’re Cooking with Gas
4th – Tina Glasneck – Murderer’s Market

Alexa Day ~ Below the Fold

Who couldn’t use just a little extra heat in their day-to-day lives? Alexa Day’s got some spicy food for thought in her column, Below the Fold, on the first Wednesday of the month.

Tina Glasneck ~ Murderer’s Market

Tina Glasneck, author of Thou Shall Not, is twisted, tangled, and wears it with a smile. With a knack for gritty scenes, real dialogue and murder, the question isn’t if she’s sane, but how sane is she? Tina blogs on the second and fourth Fridays of the month in Murderer’s Market.

Denise Golinowski ~ Myth Perceptions

Myth Perceptions – Writing fantasy is more than rehashing the old familiar fairy tales. Join Denise Golinowski on the third Wednesdays while she digs deeper into the familiar and explores the unfamiliar in all things fantasy.

Elvy Howard
~ Cooking with Gas

The phrase, Now You’re Cooking with Gas, began in the 1800s when gas stoves became commercially available and people began switching from wood stoves. It morphed into American slang and meant you did something great.  Of course this is the 21st century, not the 1800s, so the term can also mean to slow down, go back to older, simpler times, at least in our approach to things.  I’m a believer in good food, shared with people you care for, being a great antidote to just about anything going wrong everywhere else.

Shara Lanel ~ Geekology

A course in columns on our beloved fandoms and the various ways we geek out. Shara Lanel, an obsessed Whovian who believes Whedon is her master now, is your esteemed professor posting every second Wednesday of the month.

Tracey Livesay ~ Fictionistas

Join me on a journey through the ever-changing landscape of Pop Culture. From Breaking Dawn to Breaking Bad, Rachel Roy to Rachel Gibson, if it’s trending, I’m blogging.

Nara Malone ~ Next Dimension Fiction

Innerspace is the true final frontier. Novels are one way we can share inner space with each other. Virtual worlds and video games are another. Walking through a world sketched in another’s imagination, interacting with their dream, is magical.As a writer I try to take fiction, video games, and romance in particular, to places they’ve never been.  In my column (second Monday of every month) I’ll be talking about the convergence of fiction with new realities and new ways of telling stories.

Siobhan Muir ~ Recipe for Romance

We all read romance to find that special magic and fantasy in our lives. What if you could have that in real life, too? I’ll post practical and easy recipes for romance you can do in your own home to bring the connection and closeness back into your relationships. Romance is about connection, and these recipes will give you the tools to bring it into the real world.

Leah St. James ~Battling the Bulge

After losing 85 pounds on Weight Watchers five years ago, Leah is noticing those pounds slipping back on. She has recommitted to a healthy lifestyle (meaning she wants to eat what she wants without having to worry about buying bigger clothes), and will be sharing her successes and failures with food, exercise and general topics of well-being. She’d love to hear your stories as well! Watch for “Battling the Bulge” on the 4th Monday of each month.


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