Tina Glasneck

4f460-headshot-tinawithbackgroundMURDERER’S MARKET

Tina Glasneck is an international selling author of the Spark Before Dying Series. A criminal paralegal by day and a crime writer at night, she enjoys creating characters worth their word counts, villains with dashes of good and tales filled with murder, mayhem, mystery and more. She is a member of Sisters in Crime, Romance Writers of America, Virginia Romance Writers and Sisters in Crime, Central Virginia Chapter.

Her research takes her numerous places, and what she doesn’t have from on-the-job experience, she ascertains through thorough interviews with qualified professionals. Most recently, she graduated from a Citizens’ Police Academy, whereby she gained first-hand knowledge and insight to include in her novels.

With an appreciation of villainy, Tina’s blog column, Murderers Market, appears bi-monthly. To learn more about Tina, please visit her at http://www.TinaGlasneck.com or on her twisted blog at http://www.TangleMagazine.com

You can also connect with Tina below by completing the attached contact form.

Book by Tina Glasneck (it is suggested that you read the books in order)

Thou Shall Not

Book 1

A serial killer demands satisfaction for justice’s failure.
Bodies are piling up in Richmond, Virginia, mutilated and tagged. A serial killer metes out justice to those who have escaped it, killing according to the Ten Commandments, and Alexandria “Xandy” Caras is on the list. Two years have passed since the workplace massacre; six months since the day her charge of murder was dismissed.
When innocent “fan” letters become aggressive acts, Xandy finds herself seeking help from Police Captain Victor Hawthorne. He doesn’t believe in coincidences. Can he keep her safe when all signs point to her as being the killer’s ultimate target?
Only Xandy’s death can make it all stop, silencing the deranged killer who wants more than revenge, but true repentance.
# # #
Angels Cry

Book 2

Cold-hearted detective Peter Lazarus loves to toe the line, and being an undercover cop, he enjoys his sanctioned criminalism. Going by the name of Shane Sterns, called in to gather evidence against a ruthless gang distributing and transporting black tar heroin up and down the East Coast, he’s a man without anything to lose.

Until he walks into a bar run by the gang and sees Charlie.
Charlotte “Charlie” Palmer knows him from a different time and place. She can blow his cover with one look. While undercover, he married Charlie, and after getting too close, he abandoned her. There were reasons for it back then, but watching Charlie dance with dead eyes, he knows her downward spiral has been swift. Recognizing the bars on her gilded cage, he realizes he does have one big regret.

Shane says he’s there for something else–and Charlie’s got her own reasons to hate him and her own secrets to hide. He doesn’t know everything about her–not by a long shot. Not only has her best friend disappeared, but Charlie knows she’s next in line to die if she makes one false move. Loving him or hating him, trusting Shane is the only way she’s going to live another day. . . and finally find their son.

Angels Cry is a dark, hard-edged suspense novella from the Spark Before Dying series. Grab your copy today!

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