Leah St. James

Leah_webLeah is a worrier, a self-described neurotic who tends to imagine the worst-case scenario in response to brewing troubles. She hasn’t decided if this leaning toward the dark side is what draws her to write edgy, gritty stories, or if the suspenseful mysteries and gothic romances that filled her childhood bookshelves somehow imprinted their shadows on her psyche. Despite (or maybe because of) this propensity for infusing her fiction with murder and mayhem, she still craves those happily-ever-after endings and the romance of everlasting love.

Over the years she has discovered too that she enjoys delving into the deepest of human emotions—love and hate, bravery and cowardice, joy and despair—and how we, as human beings, relate to each other. Her greatest hope is to touch her readers’ hearts and help them experience the joy that only love can bring.

Married to her college sweetheart and the mother of two grown sons, Leah is a native of the Central Jersey Shore but now makes her home in Coastal Virginia. Her published works include novels Surrender to Sanctuary and Christmas Dance, novella Adrienne’s Ghost, children’s story Lights of Imani, and award-winning short story Letter from Christine.

You can read more about Leah at http://www.leahstjames.com. Connect with Leah on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest

Surrender to Sanctuary

A young woman is brutally murdered, her body dropped into the sea and carried by the tides onto the beach at a federal park at the Jersey Shore.  Hometown investigators believe the woman simply partied too hard and fell overboard, but FBI Agents David Owens and Anna Parker know better.

David and Anna trace the victim’s path from a local BDSM club to a dangerous and shadowed world that forces them under cover, into performances that awaken their own desires, and draw them closer to the killer.  Soon they are racing against a clock set by an unknown enemy, compelled to carry out a plan that not only jeopardizes their lives, but tests their very beliefs, and their new found love.




6cb9c-ghostcover200x267Adrienne’s Ghost

FBI Agent Jackson Yates had never believed in ghosts…until now.

Called to the deepest, darkest basement at FBI Headquarters to investigate the murder of former agent recruit Adrienne Garza, Jack is forced to look beyond the earthly to the spirit world for answers. Shaken by what he finds, he turns to psychologist Rachael Sullivan for help. But just how does Rachael know so much about Adrienne, who disappeared five years earlier? Can her revelations truly be communications from Adrienne herself? And can he get past his guilt over Adrienne’s death to find love with another?

Rachael Sullivan has spent her adult years seeking knowledge of life after death. She’s focused those years on helping those stricken with the grief, but when she receives messages from beyond the grave, messages that seem to point to the identity of Adrienne’s killer, she is compelled to follow the trail. As the slain woman’s spirit reveals more and more of her killer, and of her past with investigating agent Jackson Yates, Rachael wonders if the clues are leading her to love, or to death. Drawn together by forces beyond their control, beyond their comprehension, together they seek a killer. Together they encounter…Adrienne’s Ghost.
StJames_Christmas_DanceChristmas Dance

Alexandra Anderson has a loving husband who provides for her every need, a beautiful home in the suburbs, and money to fulfill her slightest whim.  But after a lonely childhood, what she wants more than anything is a baby, a family of her own.

Sam Herrmann is married to his college sweetheart, and together they have three healthy, boisterous boys. Sam spends his days running numbers as a government accountant, and his nights and weekends trying to keep up with the grueling family schedule set by his wife – a wife he can barely remember.

What happens when two married people take a look at the perfect lives they’ve created and decide it’s not enough? What happens when those same two people catch the eye of a stranger, and like what they see?

Christmas Dance — A story of love, marriage and parenting. A story of hope.

ImaniLights of Imani
For children ages (approximately) 5 to 10

Far from America lies an island kingdom whose people have been separated after years of fighting . . . until one night when Princess Imani of the Western Kingdom takes a chance on friendship. (Author’s proceeds are donated to the Virginia Peninsula Foodbank.)


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