Elvy Howard


I was a passionate reader as a child; the kind of kid school librarians call ‘library lurkers’. Books were my best friends, advisors, and main source of support through adolescence. I continued to be passionate reader as an adult.

By the time my second child was born, I no longer cared if I was seen as odd for reading as much as I did. From a remarkably early age, my children knew their mother could nod her head, even mutter words of encouragement, and not hear a thing they’d said when she reading.

I’d stay up too late, when a book wouldn’t let me sleep, and be utterly exhausted the entire next day at work, thinking what a terrible price I paid for my obsession.

Then something happened; reading lost its luster for me. My tastes had grown over the years, and I found myself not finding new authors to adore from afar. I was perplexed, until my little hobby of writing slowly, then relentlessly, took over my life. On some level I sensed I was full of reading, and it was time to let my own stories come out.

If you like puppies, good food, ever been involved with the wrong person, loved a good, believable romance, believe children are worth all we can do for them, ever faced real, actual bad luck, or gotten really pissed-off at someone, or something, then Love on a Half Shell might be a book for you. Although, to be honest, there are no puppies in Love on a Half Shell, that was a metaphor for compassion.

Rae Green, my heroine, is a tough cookie who’d accomplished a lot professionally, but rewarding personal relationships were more elusive, until her sister was arrested late one night, and Rae had to pick up her two nieces, aged twelve and five, who she hadn’t seen in over four years.

Rae faced daunting tasks in the coming months; coping with disturbed children hurt by their drug addicted mother, the loss of Rae’s prestigious job, financial and child-related disasters, combined with bright spots of re-connection with her older niece, finding an old friend, and meeting John Clements, owner and captain of the fishing boat, The Clemency.

Rae finds her way, to a place she didn’t see coming.

I can be contacted at http://www.elvyhoward.com

Elvy Howard lives with her husband in Midlothian, Virginia, with two dogs, and one cat. They have four incredibly talented, above-average, extremely good-looking grandchildren, and two healthy grown children who are married, and doing well, thank God.


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