Alexa Day

Alexa Day’s addiction to books began in childhood when her mother introduced her to the all-consuming pastime. Books were cheap and abundant. Chain reading was encouraged. Alexa managed to maintain her grade point average and get into a fantastic university, but she’d already developed a dangerous reading habit. She’d even begun writing in secret, hiding fragments of stories in the margins of her textbooks and notes. She used her need to write to join the staff of Virginia’s oldest collegiate daily newspaper, and she considered a career in journalism. There was no meaningful chance that she’d overcome her reading problem, but she thought she’d found a way to live with it.

Then her life took a wrong turn, and she went to law school instead.

Desperate for a window into a world without the Socratic method, Alexa returned to reading. Her mother, upon discovering that Alexa was hoarding paperbacks in her room, sent her a care package containing two romance novels. Alexa only had to finish one, Maggie Shayne’s Twilight Phantasies, before she knew she’d found a reliable escape from the horrors of law school.

The intensity of her need to read eventually drove Alexa back to writing in the margins of her books. Before long, she committed herself to creating the stories she craved the most: hot, sexy stories featuring strong, smart heroines who think nothing of crossing color lines to be with the men they love. Alexa loves a tale that stimulates both the intellect and the libido, and it’s her mission to share those tales with you.

IllicitImpulse_msr“…a compelling and erotically charged story that will leave you wanting more.” — Night Owl Reviews, Top Pick

This novel starts off hot and continues all the way to the end, and those who enjoy a lot of kinks will find a lot to like.” — RT Book Reviews

Years of research have led neuroscientist John March to the creation of Impulse, an experimental drug that suppresses the bonding hormone, oxytocin, and would allow women to enjoy sex without commitment. Now he just needs a test subject who’s willing to put Impulse through its paces, a woman who’s not afraid to indulge all her sexual desires and then go on record with her experiences. He needs a woman like his best friend, Grace. She and her boy toy could solve all John’s problems. If only he didn’t want her for himself …

Grace Foley’s dreams have just come true. Her sex-without-strings arrangement with Tal Crusoe has started to feel a bit complicated. Thanks to Impulse, Grace can keep things friendly while making the most of Tal’s abundant benefits. Too bad she can’t have John, too. She’s aching for a little experimentation of her own with the sexy scientist. But once it’s over, could they ever go back to being friends?

How far will two best friends go under the influence of Impulse?

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