Murderer’s Market: Death of a Feline

IMG_3232This week marks the final week of the Tea & Strumpet blog, and it’s been amazing, getting to spend time with you, and share some of my inner thoughts. I’d like to think this is a time of change, a time where although one door is closing, opportunity is poised to knock on another door just around the bend.

For murderer’s market, for this last session, I thought to contemplate on a true crime, which has not yet been solved.

We all read or hear the news about the things happening around us. Last week’s hot topic was about a man who turned himself in to police for allegedly killing his imaginary friend. This week, I’ve muted the news of the nation to focus on neighborhood crime –someone seems to be killing all the stray cats.

Too many, this might not be anything to worry about, but for me, I feel like the local sleuth that needs to stop a killer before the prey is no longer of the feline persuasion.  From what I’ve gathered so far, the different cats have fallen victim to poison, all within the last six weeks.  They have been strays or mistaken for strays, and as their numbers dwindle, pet owners are holding their animals tight.



What’s not to love about these wonderful creatures?

Poison is a painful and slow death. It is not instantaneous as other ways to kill. Maybe it a neighbor brought to avenge its slowly dying petunias, a tit-for-tat. Could it be that innocent? Or could it be the beginning of blood lust? Could it be a neighbor, gardener or even someone coming into the area,  who is killing to just kill?

Why would anyone want to kill a cat?

Simple. It could be about dominance, the power that one is able to exert over a smaller animal. Yet, it could also be about the nuisance that the cat is seen as being, as if the cat’s misdeeds represent a greater harm worthy of the ultimate punishment.

Neighbors are trying to piece together the  who, what, when and how, and all I can think of: who of the darkness is among them.

Rumors are running rampant, but it is safe to say: until the villain is nullified, he or she will continue to be a danger to not only the feline community, but to us all.

How do you think we can solve this real life mystery?


TinaGlasneckLOGOIt’s been a pleasure to be a part of this blog, and the sisterhood of Strumpets. I hope you will continue to stay in touch with us through our Facebook page, and you can always reach me at!


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