Playing Well with Ourselves for National Masturbation Month

This month, why not pass on poker in favor of some solitaire? Bow chicka hell yeah.

This month, why not pass on poker in favor of some solitaire? Bow chicka hell yeah.

By Alexa Day

May is a busy month for everyone, isn’t it? Graduations. Mother’s Day. Memorial Day weekend, and the beginning of beach season.

I want to encourage you to add another priority to this month’s activities. May is also National Masturbation Month. I think it’s time you gave yourself a little more attention.

Probably not a huge surprise for you all to hear that from me, right? I’m all about making sure I come first, if you know what I mean. But if you’re still looking for reasons to take yourself in hand, I’ve got a couple.

Take the pressure off your partner. I don’t think any one other person should be solely responsible for your sexual pleasure. I do think we ourselves are the only people any of us can consistently and absolutely count on for our own happiness. Put those two philosophies together, and well … you don’t need to set aside a special month for masturbation.

It’s good for you. All those orgasmic pleasure hormones are actually at your disposal. Orgasm is also a cure for menstrual cramps — so why not skip the Midol this month and go to bed early?

Check in with your fantasies. If you pair fantasy and self-pleasure, why not use May to take a few extra minutes with your fantasy partners? I know I don’t want the same things from the same people as I did when I was younger, and I hope I don’t want the same things from the same people as I get older. But it’s fun to think about all that, isn’t it?

Check in with reality. If you’re lucky — by which I mean alive and healthy — your body’s responses to various physical stimuli will change and evolve. Playing with yourself — and toys and ice and blindfolds and whatever else strikes your fancy — is a great way to experiment with your changing physiology.

A woman’s sexuality is gloriously complicated, thank heavens. Why not use May for a little solo sexploration? Check out Good Vibrations (they came up with National Masturbation Month) when you come up for air. They’ve got some great information all ready for you, plus a super hot inventory of playthings for your amusement.

You might also look in on Sheri Winston. Her book, Women’s Anatomy of Arousal: Secret Maps to Buried Pleasure, is one of my favorites, and her website will get you looking at sexuality in a fabulous playful way.

Okay. I’ve kept you busy long enough. Don’t you have someone to take care of?


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