Three Creative Ways to Tell a Story



Whether it’s a unique promotional tool that will grab interest, or you a fresh way to deliver a tale, what authors and artists are doing with technology continues to inspire me.

Make a graphic novel from gifs?



You could make a graphic novelette, composed of gifs like the one featured here on Wired. While we can’t all draw comics we could make simple promotional comics or from screen captures in-world.

Tell a Multimedia Tale

This is a beautifully done, sexy video book. I follow Pia Klaar on Youtube because I love the storytelling she does with video captures from in-world. This is part 1 of a series she is doing. Part two is posted in her stream as well. I like this style of the page graphic with text story on the left while we see the action scene of avatars on the right. This balanced blend of music, video, and text is something I’ve never seen replicated in any of the multimedia books I’ve seen offered by big publishers.

Create an Interactive Video Environment


Nina Camplin levels this up by bringing her video taken in-world, into an interactive scene she built and playing the media on the surfaces surrounding the visitors. Doing a video capture doesn’t do it full justice but gives you an idea. Nina did this one for our Geeked-Out Fairy Tales exhibit at the OpenSim Community Conference. it’s hard to describe what it is like standing inside this 3D theater as wolves howl and the story unfolds around you.
If you’d like to see the Nina’s presentation for yourself,  or any of the other projects we have at the Greyville Writer’s Colony, this is what you need to do to get there.

And  if you’ve need a cute way to promote your story, you could always make a Lego trialer.


Wishing everyone a Happy Valentine’s Day.

~Nara Malone

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