OH in the newsroom: Where’s my stapler?

It’s been a busy, busy December for the staff at the news organization where I spend my business hours. We’ve just moved from a massive, three-story, three-building industrial campus to a modern office space designed for a fluid, mobile workforce.

After weeks and weeks of packing and hauling and trashing/recycling/Goodwill-ing the mountains of “stuff” accumulated in the old space…followed by a solid week or more of unpacking and finding spots for what we actually need, we’re now fairly settled. (Talk about a nice holiday gift!)

DP Move

Front-page screen shot, courtesy of the Daily Press eEdition. (Cool way to read the “paper”!)

Staff whose job often takes them on the road no longer have designated work spaces. They come and go as they please (as long as they get their work done!). When in the office, they can use one of the many mobile “touchdown” stations – kind of like library carrels, except bigger and without walls in between. Or they can park themselves in the cafe area, in one of the “huddle” rooms or at several “lounge” areas throughout the wifi-enabled space.

Those of us whose jobs require them to be onsite for the most part, like me, have brand-new workstations, complete with cushioned file cabinets that roll out from under the desk to double as visitor “chairs.” (Mine, of course, is already in use as a hiding place for stacks of other stuff.)

In addition to the cafe area, there is a smaller kitchen. Both areas are decked out with brand-new Keurig machines, ice makers, full-sized, French-doored fridges (I’m so envious) and enough built-in trash bins to serve the needs of a frat house on Saturday night. …. Well, maybe not THAT much, but certainly enough for our needs.

One of the best things about our new home—we’re smack in the middle of a retail/office/residential complex. I can go shopping at lunch, or grab a sandwich or salad at a number of restaurants a few doors away. (My desk area looks out on Toby Keith’s I Love This Bar and Grill!)

Check out the photo gallery of our new space. (The shots toward the end capture the packing/move from the old space.)

Pretty cool, huh?

Now if I could only find half the stuff that I unpacked…

On behalf of my fellow Strumpets,
wishing you and yours a joyous holiday season
and a healthy and happy 2015!


StJames_Christmas_DanceLeah writes stories of mystery and romance, good and evil and the redeeming power of love. Learn more at leahstjames.com.

Alexandra Anderson has a loving husband who provides for her every need, a beautiful home in the suburbs, and money to fulfill her slightest whim. But after a lonely childhood, what she wants more than anything is a baby, a family of her own.

Sam Herrmann is married to his college sweetheart, and together they have three healthy, boisterous boys. Sam spends his days running numbers as a government accountant, and his nights and weekends trying to keep up with the grueling family schedule set by his wife – a wife he can barely remember.

What happens when two married people take a look at the perfect lives they’ve created and decide it’s not enough? What happens when those same two people catch the eye of a stranger, and like what they see?


Christmas Dance

A story of love and marriage.

A story of hope.



2 thoughts on “OH in the newsroom: Where’s my stapler?

  1. OMG – moving an entire newspaper? Right before the holidays???? Some dude planned it, I just know it, but I’m glad you like your new digs. Congrats! and Merry Xmas to you Leah –

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