Behind the Scenes with Geeked Out Fairy Tales

The outtakes in pictures…


When the authors at the Greyville Writer’s Colony get quiet, when you repeatedly drop by and can’t find anyone writing in the cafe, something is up . That riderless flying carpet whizzing past your head is standard fare. Empty streets and the author’s cafe empty every day and night isn’t. Even the Metaverse Author’s group on G+ is creepily silent.

What gives?

Poking around over in the Metaverse Author’s Group over on FaceBook yields some clues:













Still not sure what it’s all about? I spotted this just yesterday…


And this from a press release by Tina Glasneck:

Joining forces, Siobhan Muir, Nara Malone, Shannon Albright, Shara Lanel, Courtney Sheets, Tracey Olmstead, Fuschia Nightfire and Endora Twinklens will present interactive demonstrations, showing the possibilities available when using the OpenSim platform for creative endeavors. The individual presentations include such topics as Flash Fiction, Story World Gamification, Voice Performance, NPC Characters, Holodeck Stories, Storytelling Bots, an Interactive Dance with Poetry, and a tutorial on using a more advanced NPC controller. Each project listed will be presented as a self-guided activity that can be done at any time during the conference.

Each of the eight exhibits will be set up for self-guided exploration. Presenting authors will be available at times throughout the conference. Depending on the skills and interests of the participants, activities may take between 10-20 minutes to complete.

The presentations include:

1) Flash Fiction: Choose your path story — Presenter: Siobhan Muir:
Follow the prompts, write a notecard, add it to the book, and show how you worked your tale with step-by-step instructions. An example story from the same prompts will be there to read as you go along. Interaction is the key to virtual storytelling, and you can make your tales come alive in the Virtual World.

2) Story World Gamification — Presenter: Nara Malone
Nara Malone, author of novels and video games, takes visitors through the basic elements of developing games. Free the Hero is a 3-level mini game wrapped in a fairytale. In playing through the game, participants will learn the basic elements of designing games to hook visitors, subtly steer them through a level to complete tasks, and using game-story to encourage deep exploration of a region.

3) Voice Performance: — Presenter: Fuschia Nightfire
The Beast Inside’ (a machinima streaming-media installation) is a twist on the well-known story of Red Riding Hood, with voice over poem ‘Little Girls’ read by FuschiaNightfire

4) NPC Characters: — Presenter: Shannan Albright
Author Shannan Albright will demonstrate the power of NPC in a dragon shifter version of an Ugly Duckling themed fairytale. She’ll include a tutorial on using our extremely simple, two-click NPC creator/animator.

5) Holodeck Stories: — Presenter: Shara Lanel
Author Shara Lanel will deliver a paranormal fairytale via holodeck and include a short tutorial on using the holodeck as a storytelling tool.

6) Storytelling Bots — Presenter: Author Courtney Sheets
Courtney Sheets will bring the flavor of Hawaii to her paranormal story and demonstrate using character chatbots to tell a tale.

7) The Interactive Dance of Poetry — Presenter: Poet Tracy Olmstead
Poet Tracy Olmstead invites visitors to dance together or with a dance bot and write romantic lines of poetry in his String of Pearls activity. Visitors are pulled in by the attractive rhythms and words, and how someone took the time to speak to their hearts in a poetic manner. It can also be a fun game of banter. He’ll have example panels, prompts, and a little dance area set up.

8) The Band Will Play On: — Presenter: Artist Endora Twinklens
Artist Endora Twinklens will debut her NPC marching band in the final activity which will include a tutorial on using a more advanced NPC controller.

Upon completion of the presentations, participants will walk away with a set of tools for novice and intermediate users to apply in the creation of activities that will turn passive viewers of their worlds into active participants.

To register for the conference, please visit:

I have never seen such a determined and creative group. We had to stretch emotionally, mentally, and physically to meet the demands of creating this exhibit. Between bugs and long hours everyone was already hanging on by a thread when hackers attacked the servers hosting us. We came through it together and they have some awesome projects in store for you. Drop by and meet these amazing pioneers of  future fiction.

~Nara Malone


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