Geekology: Liking the new Doc

Listen CapaldiI already approved of Peter Capaldi from The Hour and Torchwood: Miracle Day, not to mention the Pompeii episode of Doctor Who back in 2008, so I knew I’d like him as the Twelfth Doctor. Plus I was ready for a return to an older Doctor after Matt Smith’s run. Still, I wasn’t that happy with the first episode of the new season. I vowed to reserve judgement. Meanwhile, Clara is not my fave companion. In fact, she rates below Martha in my estimation. She’s had little character development and has messed up historic Doctor Who canon. Who needs that? So her first episode with the new Doctor did not help her grow on me.

But finally…episode 4…”Listen.”The Caretaker

My parents haven’t really gotten into Doctor Who. Dad is quite skeptical, something to do with doubtful science. Hard to explain that though it’s “science fiction” it’s not really about science…or at all about science.

It’s about wonder.

I don’t have BBCA at the moment, so I’ve been going over to my parents’ to watch Doctor Who. My dad actually started watching a bit of “Listen” and seemed intrigued. That’s because it was the Who I’d fallen in love with. It was still focused on Clara, but it was the fascinating time puzzle that makes Who interesting. I loved it.

The next episode “Time Heist” was fun, but “The Caretaker” is where I really fell in love with the new Doctor. Bring back John Smith and the British school system and aliens blowing things up, reminding me of “Family of Blood” and “Remembrance of the Daleks” and “School Reunion.” And keep the plot simpler so that the characters can really develop. Oh yes, I liked it. Wanted to immediately watch it again, though couldn’t since I was at the parents’ and the laundry was done.Remembrance of the Daleks-111family of blood

Who does the new Doctor remind me of? He’s a bit hard and unfeeling like Hartnell, but with a sense of humor like Troughton. I’d say his outfit reminds me most of Pertwee. All in all, I’d say he’s his own Doctor and I’m quite happy to get to know him.



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3 thoughts on “Geekology: Liking the new Doc

  1. I was addicted to Torchwood but for some reason never got into “Dr. Who” — wait, stop throwing things!! 🙂 BUT you make me want to watch, Shara. 🙂

  2. Hi, Shara! As you know, I’m a newish but devote Whovian and I’m loving Peter Capaldi’s Doctor. His darker, less human treatment of the character feels more in keeping with the reality, if you can use that word, of his character. Capaldi’s Doctor is intense while still learning his way about his new incarnation. I love your take on the Doctor and the way you’ve grown into Capaldi’s Doctor. “Listen” was amazing and the episode I’D most like to see again.

  3. I have adored Capaldi ever since he was in LAIR OF THE WHITE WORM waaaaaay back (before I was born even. *ahem*) THEN I liked him rather against my will in the movie IN THE LOOP where he plays a foul mouthed Scottish political bully. He also started in the british TV show IN THE THICK OF IT — same role only the dial pushed up past ten. So glad an under-appreciated actor finds the love —even though he’s much older now, I still can’t help it: I think he’s hot.

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