Keep Halloween Hot … Find That Costume in Your Closet

I'm sure I have the rest of a Middle-Aged Mutant Ninja Writer costume somewhere.

I’m sure I have the rest of a Middle-Aged Mutant Ninja Writer costume somewhere.

By Alexa Day

Happy October, neighbors! Are you as excited about Halloween as I am?

You’re probably not. Seriously, when it comes to Halloween, I’m like Will Ferrell’s character in Elf. If you were as excited as I am, you’d probably be hospitalized.

But even if your excitement is just at normal levels, I know you’re starting to think about Halloween costumes. You are wise to start thinking about this now. Halloween is a big deal these days. If you don’t start looking early, you might find yourself among the hordes, fighting over what passes for women’s costumes now.

The people who make Halloween costumes for women have lost their minds. I won’t even sugar coat it for you. Don’t believe me? That’s fine. Head on over to your local Halloween store; they’re popping up everywhere right about now. Check out what these folks expect you to wear.

Women’s costumes — the storebought ones — are tiny. The skirts are short. The sleeves are short. They have lots of see-through components. Ordinarily, that’s not a problem for me.

But Halloween is at the end of October. It’s the day before November every single year. And in most American locations, the weather will not favor these outfits.

So how does a smart, sexy girl avoid pneumonia on Halloween night?

Easy. Shop your closet.

Oh, sure, you can start at the party stores if you want. It’s a great place for ideas. And it’s a great idea to score accessories here. I suggest classic accessories for the same reason I suggest the classics for regular wardrobes. If you find a good piece, you can wear it forever. I have a dreadlock wig, for instance, that I have used in an Unfrozen Cavewoman Lawyer costume but could use to dress as Michonne from The Walking Dead this year. I have handcuffs that work for my Western sheriff outfit (I keep them hooked to my belt loop) or work for something kinkier if I stretch them across the front two belt loops. Classics save money.

Once you’ve emptied your closet, think outside the box. A little creativity will make your wardrobe go farther, and it will absolutely keep you from looking just like everyone else. That’s how costume prizes are won, my friends.

Try these off-the-cuff ideas on for size:

Blue dress + horned devil headband = Devil with the Blue Dress On.

Same headband + front and back cover of Details magazine = the Devil in the Details.

Black outfit + red wig + toy guns = Black Widow.

Same outfit + white wig (often called ghost wig) = Black Cat. You know, Felicia Hardy, of Spider-Man fame.

There’s plenty more, of course. I’ve written about this sort of thing before because I’m the Halloween Elf. The most important things are to have fun with this and start early, for heaven’s sake.

What am I doing this year? Well, my plan is to wear an outfit that’s entirely black and white, right down to jewelry, nail polish and makeup. Totally black and white. Get it?

All black and white = ZERO SHADES OF GREY.

Happy Halloween, ladies! Stay warm — or keep it hot — out there.


4 thoughts on “Keep Halloween Hot … Find That Costume in Your Closet

  1. ZERO SHADES OF GREY! Alexa, I LURV IT! Yep, the whole store-bought costume thing is spot on! Not only are they not weather-friendly, but they are generally not woman-friendly (as in sized). So, I plan to take your advice and dive into my closet to see what I can spin into a costume. I’m totally into the accessories aspect – that’ll be what takes me out to the costume store. A lady can’t have too many accessories. Of course, she doesn’t wear them all at once, but a full wardrobe to choose from is essential. Zero Shades of Grey *snerk* lovin’ it!

    • Those store-bought things get smaller every year, and every year, I see people knocking around in the cold wearing them. One year, I had my closet-made schoolgirl outfit on (knee socks, wool skirt, wool blazer, cute red beret), and I was about as warm and comfortable as a girl could be without a coat. But hey, I can’t save the whole world from pneumonia. Just the sexy people. 🙂

      I am dead serious about going as Zero Shades of Grey. I hope to see others taking a stand with me. That Book with the Tie is scary on so many levels.

  2. You are so funny, Alexa. “Zero Shades of Grey.” I love it! And yes, you always give us fantastic tips for costume hunting and creating. The store-bought costumes are just as deficient for kids, if my memory serves. I remember buying a couple sizes up so I could bundle the kids in sweats below the plastic costume. Thanks for starting my day with a smile.

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