The 2014 Emmy and VMA Fashion Wrap-Up!!

The Fictionista

This month’s wrap up is dedicated to Joan Rivers who was instrumental in turning the red carpet into the modern day spectator sport it has become. (Whether you think that’s a good or bad thing.)

Best dressed

JLO-vma-082414Jennifer Lopez (VMAs) in Charbel Zoe. She looks incredible, like a golden goddess. And her body is ridic. That’s all her, no Spanx, no shapewear. Beautiful.





Lizzy Caplan (EMMYS) in Donna Karan Atelier. Loved the crisp contrast of black & white. She looked cooly elegant.


What was she thinking?


Amber Rose (VMAs) in Laurel DeWitt. I have no words. I’ll let you guys weigh in with your thoughts. Love it? Hate it? Admire her for wearing it?


Quip of the night


When referring to Taylor Swift who wore this couture onesie by Mary Katrantzou to the VMAs, Joan Rivers said, “[Her] legs go on and on like Gwenyth Paltrow when someone asks her about kale!”


Did you watch either the Emmys or VMAs? A fan of Joan Rivers? What did you think? 

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One thought on “The 2014 Emmy and VMA Fashion Wrap-Up!!

  1. Hey Fictionista! First, Joanie, you will be missed, but the other side just got a serious jolt of funny with your and Robin’s arrival! Tracey, I’m Loving the wrap up. A wild range of options here. I’ve never been one to watch awards shows, so I count on your recaps to keep me vaguely in the know. Vaguely for me, that is – you’re definitely spot on. As for Amber Rose, well, I don’t know who she is, but the only explanation is if it is her style elsewhere–challenging and revealing–then I guess it makes sense. Otherwise, out of context, thumbs down. And IMHO Onesies belong on babies, Taylor. There are lots more attractive ways to show those fabu legs. The Black & White number is my fav, while Jennifer was truly rockin’ her gown. Okay, that’s my 2 cents. Thanks for helping keep me somewhat informed.

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