Castles: Welcome to Herrenhausen Gardens

“Herrenhäuser gärten 2” by Johannes D. – Own work. Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons

My love of Castles has taken me to many new places, and today we’re traveling to Hannover, Germany, where the architecture serves as pure romantic fodder.

Hannover, the capitol of the the state of Lower Saxony, located on the River Leine, is a bustling city, and here sits The Great Garden of HerrenhausenSituated approximately three hours north of Frankfurt am Main, this gem has the feel of 17th century Paris, especially with its garden. The lush greenery, stone paths and large hedges reminded me of history books and movie sets of Versailles. There is a reason for that.  In fact, this 17th century garden was built to resemble the great garden of Versailles. The garden, a little more than 123 acres, is a luxurious retreat.

While living in Germany, one of my favorite things to do was go on castle hunts — and with a country brimming with historical buildings, I was in love walking through the lush gardens, along the stone paths, and feeling as though I was right in the middle of a garden maze.

Why is this place so special? For me, it comes down to the pure unadulterated joy of traveling on the tram to the castle’s ruins (the main building was mostly destroyed during WWII, but was  restored and opened to the public in 2013). The sun rested perfectly in the blue sky. The fountains’ dew mixed with a light breeze, and cooled me on that hot summer day. It felt like a summer retreat, away from the city’s noise. Although very busy, all I needed was a dress to spin in to feel transported back in time or into the plot of a romantic novel. With my Prince Charming walking beside me, we explored the gardens. Being able to spend a delightful day surrounded by beauty, I couldn’t help but feel the love.

But don’t take my word for it. Check out the video below  from Geobeats, of their tour of the Herrenhausen Gardens (uploaded to YOUTUBE on December 23, 2010).

What about you? Do you plan on visiting this romantic garden?


 Just TinaTINA GLASECK (writing as T.L. Glasneck) loves castles and travelling. She’s been able to combine the two, and uses her experiences to assist in creating great settings for her upcoming paranormal romance novels. She believes that love can truly conquer  all and it’s often found when one isn’t looking for it!  Join Tina on Facebook or learn more at


2 thoughts on “Castles: Welcome to Herrenhausen Gardens

  1. Amazing! To think how many people it took to build and maintain such a property is staggering. I can just see you twirling around on the paths. Hard to get my mind around a garden of 123 acres! Wowza! Thanks for sharing, Tina!

    • Denise, it was a lovely experience, and with such a picturesque landscape, I couldn’t help wanting to walk as much as it as my feet would allow (tip: wear tennis shoes). If you go on a hot day, make sure to take a couple of Euro with you for ice cream too. 🙂

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