Elvy Makes Bread


An actual photo of my stand mixer, after I forgot about the bread dough rising in its bowl.

Oh well.

I’m sure everyone reading this understands bookworms do things like that fairly often, it’s probably more of a surprise I still attempt things like bread making.

But look what I got out of it!


My recipe for soaked wheat bread made two loaves of bread, eight sandwich buns, and a pan of rolls. It freezes well, you can use only whole wheat if you want (I didn’t, it’s half whole wheat and half white), and soaked wheat bread is supposed to be good for gluten intolerance.

The thing is, I’ve made so many good things lately, I can’t decide what to feature this month, so guess what? You get to pick!

I mean, who wouldn’t want to make this salad, with homemade thousand island dressing (it’s easier than you think), and if someone doesn’t think it’s dinner without meat, throw some grilled chicken on top, and you are done.


I had the best diner I’d had in a long time at the mall in Charlottesville. I wish I could remember the name of the restaurant, but this is my recreation of a memorable meal; kale, meatball, and cherry tomato spaghetti.


Isn’t that a nice shot? I made the tablecloth, and my husband gave me the flowers for Mother’s Day. My version of that meal was just as outstanding, and I didn’t make meatballs. My husband loved, loved, loved the dish, and said it was still wonderful packed for his lunch two days later (and he’s not a fan of leftovers, but if I pack it, he’ll eat it).

Or how about ground chicken made into lettuce wraps? It’s like easy Chinese takeout, only you don’t have to leave the house?


I know we are all glad winter is finally, finally over, and this is how I celebrate Spring, by gardening, and I’m including this last photo only because I grew the lettuce, parsley and radishes and wanted to share that beautiful salad with homemade parsley dressing (with orange marmalade) which says to me, welcome Spring!


Happy Springtime everyone!


Love on a Half Shell

What happens when a thirty-something woman is handed her sister’s messed-up kids, and then finds the love of her life? Meet Rae Green, a woman who could handle anything . . . or so she thought.

Three parts love, two parts grit…the perfect recipe to save a family.


4 thoughts on “Elvy Makes Bread

  1. Wow! Waiting until lunch to pop over here was a BIG MISTAKE! I’m gonna have to wipe off my keyboard when I finish posting/sharing. Thanks, Elvy, for some great food ideas. Love the breadmaker shot. Nice to see a cook admitting that cooking is messy. Cooking shows make it look so pristine and smooth and recipe books never show real prep shots. Love ya’ gal!

    • I wrapped a wet towel around the mixer, hoping to soften up all the dough all over it – didn’t work, I had to chip it all off after it dried. Thanks for the comment Denise – Love you too!

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