The Most Fun You’ll Have Fully Dressed: Spring Into Dance


Life's too short. Shouldn't you spend some of it on the dance floor?

Life’s too short. Shouldn’t you spend some of it on the dance floor?

By Alexa Day

Winter’s gone on for way too long. Now that spring is here and summer’s on the way, I definitely feel like celebrating. I can’t be alone, can I?

But how should we go about tying one on this year?

Cocktails? Always an option.

Shopping? Sure, although it might cut into the vacation fund.

How about dance? Free-form interpretive dance works just beautifully. But I had something a little more structured in mind.

I’m thinking of ballroom dancing. That’s right, you could be moving just like those folks on Dancing with the Stars. You might even be moving better than some of them. Just saying. You’ll learn musicality and improve your posture, and every time you step onto the floor with a new partner, you’ll get a hit of oxytocin, the insidious cuddle hormone. Maybe that’s why there’s no shortage of dance partners. Hm. Further research might be warranted.

If partner dance isn’t for you, maybe you’re ready to shimmy with some belly dance instead. I taught belly dance for many years, and I can attest to the boost in confidence you’ll get when you unlock your hips and let the sensuous music take over. You’ll work muscles you didn’t know you had. Literally. I woke up some mornings trying to pinpoint what was aching. And I promise you that you will have lots and lots of fun, even if you never buy a sequin-covered costume or a veil or finger cymbals. (But why wouldn’t you buy something? Aren’t you trying to have fun here?)

If you’re like me, though, and you enjoy giving the envelope a healthy shove now and then, you could always take up exotic dance. Most people call it strip dance, but I think that’s misleading. I studied it for quite a while and never took off a thing. I did, however, build some impressive upper body strength. I also improved my already formidable self-image (because I think pretty damned highly of myself on the average day), and now I know how to get in touch with the sexiest part of myself. Even if I have both hands on the table. Or the chair.

Dance lessons are good for you! You’ll be getting your groove on to the music, which is a universal good, and you’ll be preserving the old gray matter by learning something new. I know I need to be able to count on the old gray matter if I’m going to get away with major-league mischief in my dotage. So think about grabbing a friend and learning how to cut a rug. Your body, mind and soul will thank you for it later.

Neighbors, I’ve got great news for you! I’ve been chosen to help launch Musa Publishing’s erotica line, Eros, in the hottest, sexiest part of the summer. My short story, ‘Turnabout Day,’ is set for an August 22 release, and I will definitely be here with more details as soon as I get them. (Like the cover. I always love a good cover.) Stay tuned here, or catch up with me on the social media. I’d love to see you there!


2 thoughts on “The Most Fun You’ll Have Fully Dressed: Spring Into Dance

  1. I wanted to be a ballerina when I was a little girl (secondary, only during Halloween season, to my desire to be Cinderella). My mom told me we didn’t have money for ballet lessons, but that didn’t stop me from “leaping” through the the house in my attempts at executing a grand jete. (I can still hear the rattling of china.) Later, I wanted to take ballroom dancing lessons as a fun couples activity. My hubby said, “NO,” and I never pursued it after that. But part of me still wants to be a dancer. Is there such a thing as a “Belly Dancing for Seniors” class?? 🙂 Thanks for the fun post!

    • Well, one does not need a partner to take up ballroom dance (otherwise, I wouldn’t have spent 18 months making the tango sorry it had ever been created). When I started belly dance, many moons ago, I was taught by a senior and danced alongside a woman who was in her 80s at the time. They both danced longer and stronger than I could for years. And I’ve been fortunate to teach quite a few ladies from my mom’s generation!

      My teaching philosophy was that belly dance was for everyone, and I studied with a teacher who is in your area. I can put her in touch with you … 🙂

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