SPECIAL EDITION: 10th Annual Brenda Novak Online Auction for Diabetes Research

Diabetes is expected to reach epidemic proportions by 2050, if present trends continue, according to the American Diabetes Association. Such levels could mean that one in three adults would have diabetes. With such impending doom, should nothing change, Americans are gearing up to fight for a cure by petitioning their congressmen for funding, racing for a cure, and by showing their support through hometown advocacy, and in the world of romance, diabetic research also has a champion. 

ImageMulti-published, award winning, New York Times and USA Today bestselling author, Brenda Novak, is a rock star in the romance writing community. With more than 4 million books in print and over 50 books published, Novak is advocating the importance of research for a disease that hits too close to home. 

“When my son was diagnosed at only five years old, I felt completely helpless, especially when I learned the horrible side effects he would likely face in his lifetime,” says Novak. Yet, she didn’t let that diagnose stop her. Instead, empowered, she leads the charge annually by organizing a month-long online auction. Writers, editors, romance genre community supporters and peers contribute, offering services, wares, excursions and retreats to the highest bidder, whereby the monies raised go toward diabetes research. 

Over the past nine years, Novak successfully raised over $2 million dollars to help further research to find a life-saving cure for those suffering from diabetes. This year, the funds collected will go to support the Diabetes Research Institute at the University of Miami

With each successful year, Novak is grateful for her community and supporters for their contribution. “I couldn’t have been successful without the support of the romance reading and writing community. They have embraced this cause and rallied the troops to help. I don’t know of another industry that would be quite so generous or receptive. I’m proud to associate with them.” 

On May 1st, Novak’s online auction goes live, and visitors are able to bid on a variety of items, including luxurious trips, concert tickets, some high end items, editing services and great reads. The sheer array of diverse offerings makes sure that this auction is for everyone. 

In support of this cause, Tea & Strumpets is auctioning off an Afternoon Tea with Tea & Strumpets, which includes a Tea Cup Set, Tea & Strumpets eBook Quartet, Tea & Strumpets Tea Selection and a $50 Amazon Gift Card.  Please stop by the auction and bid, and help share the news of this event  with your family and friends. Through your support and contribution, we can help to defeat this disease.

To sign up, bid on items or for additional information, please visit Brenda Novak’s Annual On-line Auction for Diabetes Research


ImageA theologian by training, senior post-conviction paralegal by career and a crime fiction and romance writer by choice, TINA GLASNECK loves to tell stories. To learn more about Tina, please visit her website at TinaGlasneck.com


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