OH in the newsroom: That egg is evil! by Leah St. James

That egg is evil!

One of the fun parts of my day job is serving on the newsroom’s “hospitality committee” – a/k/a the “fun” team. Every month we sponsor an entertaining (usually no-cost) activity that breaks up the routine and gets people interacting in something that’s not related to producing the news.

In March we ran a fake basketball tournament (our version of March Madness). In May we had a chili cook-off in honor of Cinco de Mayo. In August we roasted marshmallows (using a gas grill on the roof). During the holidays, we gather together stuff that’s accumulated around the room to hold a “yard sale,” with proceeds going to a local charity.

For the past two years we’ve held an Easter Egg Hunt (around Easter). Small plastic eggs and a handful of larger eggs are filled with candy and other gag gifts and hidden around the newsroom. It’s a favorite because (1) the plastic eggs are filled with CANDY and other gag prizes and (2) reporters LOVE snooping for things.DPEgg3

This year Easter Bunny’s (EB’s) helper was especially clever in hiding the eggs. Despite several dozen reporters scouring the room— high and low, inside cabinets, under chairs and desk, in potted plants—one of the big eggs remained hidden for more than a week after the hunt began!

We’d see periods of calm where I assumed everyone had given up, followed quickly by another frenzied search. And in true reporter fashion, they didn’t just wait for evidence to come to them. They searched for clues, begged for hints and complained when the information wasn’t forthcoming. One claimed, “That egg is too well hidden. It’s evil!”

Eventually, being the social-media-savvy journalists they are, newsroom staff began reporting via Twitter, DPEGGHUNTeven giving the egg his (her? its???) own hashtag (#dpegghunt) and handle (ElusiveEggDP). (Luckily, the default Twitter profile image was perfect!)

The egg began to grow followers, at one time tweeting “heyi’mpopular” when a reporter mourned,”That missing egg has more followers than me!”

Sadly, after only a about a day and a half of live reporting, Elusive Egg was located. But for those who followed the hunt, they were a fun day and a half. For those 40 hours or so, the business of reporting news, often sad and sometimes grisly, was lightened by the far-and-wide search of a plastic egg.

Good-bye for now, ElusiveEggDP. Come back next year!










Leah writes stories of mystery and romance, good and evil, and the redeeming power of love.

Learn more about Leah and her books at LeahStJames.com


2 thoughts on “OH in the newsroom: That egg is evil! by Leah St. James

  1. What a fun office activity! Love that Elusive Egg stayed that way until he had developed a following. Talk about smart use of social media. I wonder if he will now move on to challenge the status of Humpty Dumpty in Famous Egglore. Thanks for sharing, Leah!

  2. Well, last I heard, Elusive Egg is planning a grand tour of Northern VA. You never know where she might show up next! (Yes, EE is a “she.”)

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