Geekology: A Whedonite First

Joss is my master
Buffy movieMy love of Buffy preceded my love of Doctor Who. Hard to believe, but true. So my acceptance of Joss Whedon as my Master came long before I’d encountered the Master in any of his regenerations.

1992, in fact, when a crazy movie about a cheerleader vampire killer released. Why was I interested in this movie at first? Because Luke Perry from Beverly Hills 90210 was in it. Yes, I had a mighty crush. But forget about that. Buffy had the best death scene anywhere–a stabbed vampire milking it for all he was worth. Since the movie was clearly a comedy, the series Buffy seemed to take itself too seriously…at least that’s how I found it at first. Took me a bit to warm up to it–no Luke Perry.

Add Angel (David Boreanaz), forget about Luke Perry.Grumpy Cat

But I digress. Pretty sure I was talking about Whedon, and this was long before he became Hollywood Golden Boy with Avengers. Great movie and I love MARVEL Agents of Shield, but I still hold a deep wound of grief in my heart because they canceled Firefly, and the fact that they made the movie Serenity because of the fans’ heartfelt cries does not ease it one bit.

What else did they prematurely cancel? Oh yeah, Dollhouse. Another quirky, mysterious, intelligent show with fab writing and characters. When they tried to cancel Buffy, they killed her, moved her to another network, and had her witchy BFF bring her back to life.

Fillion as MalWhat else about Whedon? Nathan Fillion. I know, I know. He’s Castle now, but he’ll always be Captain Tightpants to me…ahem, I mean, Captain Malcolm Reynolds. Not to mention Captain Hammer (Dr. Horrible’s Singalong Blog) and more recently Dogberry in Whedon’s version of Much Ado About Nothing.

“Shiny. Let’s be bad guys.”

“Bored now.”

“They got the mustard out.” Sung by a tenor, I think.

“So do you guys steal weapons from the Army a lot?” “Well, we don’t have cable, so we have to make our own fun.”

“I am a large, semi-muscular man.”

“Curse your sudden but inevitable betrayal.”

“It’s ludicrous to have these interlocking bodies…and not interlock.”

Since there are so many moments of brilliance, so many quotables from every one of Joss’s characters, I’ve devoted a Pinterest page–The Whedon ‘Verse–to my collection. (You might notice from time to time that Pinterest is also one of my obsessions.) Here’s a cool page of GIFs: 27 Signs You’re a Browncoat (a Browncoat is a ’til-the-day-I-die Firefly fan). And the draw of Whedon is so fierce, he has his own Fest: Whedon Fest.

“Did I fall asleep?” “For a little while.”

Be shiny, Whedonites!


A Twisted MagickShara Lanel is an obsessive TV viewer, book collector, and Whovian. She also writes steamy, suspenseful romance. Her latest book, A TWISTED MAGICK, is available at Ellora’s Cave.


3 thoughts on “Geekology: A Whedonite First

  1. Enjoyed sharing your geekdom, Shara! I’m a Joss Whedon gal as well. I Hated that Dollhouse ended so abruptly. What a truly amazing concept. And as for Firefly *sob* I may never truly recover. Thanks for joining us here at Tea & Strumpets!

  2. Me three! Loved Firefly! And I love how they make fun ot it every now and then on Castle. Loved Buffy the TV show until it got all weird and dark, after they graduated high school. Loved Torchwood and Babylon 5 — perfectly scripted 5-year story line.

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