Introducing Geekology

by Shara LanelShara at Ravencon

Super-Who-Lock, Whovian, Trekkie—know what I’m talking about? Are you in love with the Winchesters, or are you more a Game of Thrones or LOTR fan? I’m a Whovian, and I believe that Whedon is my Master now. I’m in a love/hate relationship with Moffat and a newlywed to Hunger Games.

mashupWhat fandoms do you subscribe to and how do you express your love? Cosplay, conventions, collections?

Though we do love the actors who fill the roles in our fave movies, TV shows, and books, it’s the characters and worlds that take over our imaginations. We love the quotes or memes, the costumes, the settings, and the insider jokes. We even love the mash-ups that blend our obsessions in perfect synergy.

One thing most of us hate is spoilers, so I’ll try to avoid them…at least on the most recent episodes and movie releases. (But when River whispers “spoilers” to the Doctor, I can’t wait to see what happens next.)Pegg quote

Where do I tend to get my geek on the most? I do spend a lot of time on Facebook and Twitter, but my Pinterest boards tell the real story. (I have NINE Doctor Who boards.) Feel free to check them out here (

I want to hear all about your fandoms, too, so feel free to express yourself in the comments.

‘Til next time!


A Twisted MagickShara Lanel is an obsessive TV viewer, book collector, and Whovian. She also writes steamy, suspenseful romance. Her latest book, A TWISTED MAGICK, is available at Ellora’s Cave.


2 thoughts on “Introducing Geekology

  1. Love Star Trek. I guess I was originally a fan because they are movies and shows where everyone is either color coded (red-shirts, blue-shirts, gold-shirts) or have a unique appearance, like giant ears or ripply foreheads. It made it easy for me to tell characters apart. But I loved the story themes too. They always seemed to lead back to the idea of no matter how strange and quirky the characters or culture, we all have gifts to contribute–a diverse community is a rich community.

  2. NINE Dr. Who boards??? I have to check them out! Don’t hate me…I loved the Torchwood series but could never get into Dr. Who himself! I’m with Nara on Star Trek (except for maybe the unfortunate Voyager series :-)). I loved (loved, loved) Babylon 5. To me, that was the perfect series plot/arc. Loved the original Battlestar Galactica in its day but never got too excited about the remake, despite (or maybe because of?) my husband’s fixation on a female Starbuck. Was a huge Buffy fan but have no interest in watching reruns. So although I’ve really enjoyed these and other shows, I’m not overly obsessive about any particular show. I’m going to enjoy reading about your obsessions!

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