With Many Cheerful Thoughts About … Jason Garrett

By Alexa Day
Fall is fully upon us here in the Old Dominion. The leaves are changing, the weather’s changing, and football season has set in with a vengeance. I’ve always enjoyed the savage ballet, but only at the college football level. Pro football left me cold, for the most part. I knew just enough to get by in the fantasy league, but no more.
And then, not long after last month’s post, I found myself watching the Cowboys play the Giants on TV from a barstool in Las Vegas. My buddy had stepped away from a lovely beverage to take a call from her family, and I glanced up just in time to catch Eli Manning throwing a pass directly to the Cowboys. I hate to call it an interception because I think of interceptions as being accidental. This one didn’t look like an accident to me.
After the Manning-fail, the cameras cut to the Giants sideline, where everyone looked disappointed but not that surprised, and to the Cowboys sideline, where everyone was delighted to start the game by taking the ball from the Giants. This is where I first encountered Jason Garrett.
Apparently, the NFL is trying to figure out how to get women interested in football. Well, here’s an idea. Let’s try a focused, female-friendly campaign, heavy on the Jason Garrett. Seriously, look.
No, I get it. Maybe the NFL thinks we will be offended if they suggest we are only into football because omigosh, they’re so cute! I understand. There was even a time I would have been offended. But what is the NFL doing now? They’re offering us form-fitting pink jerseys. I don’t think offering us cute guys is a huge jump.
Lest you think Jason Garrett is all hot alpha pro football coach and no substance, check this out.
Yeah. He just dropped geometry like it’s hawt. You know, because Pythagoras.
I also love that Coach Garrett presumes that someone who might not know who Pythagoras is, would be able to spell Pythagoras in order to look him up on the phone. Good coaches have high expectations.
I see lots of people – mostly male people – who are drinking deeply from the ol’ Haterade with regard to Coach Garrett. They all pretend to be crying about any number of things, but hey, he is hotter and smarter than the typical hater, plus he’s a pro football coach. I’m sure Coach Garrett isn’t letting it get to him.
But … you know, Jason, if the day gets too long, and the haters get too loud, there’s a spot for you right here at the bar, next to me. I’m not going to complain about all that because I’m not that into football. I just know what I like. And I’m down with Pythagoras.

**Alexa Day’s Illicit Impulse is a Night Owl Reviews Top Pick. She’s supposed to be working on the next book, but she’s been distracted by preparations for Romanticon and her apparent inability to follow her new favorite team on television. Catch her right here on the first Wednesday of the month!


5 thoughts on “With Many Cheerful Thoughts About … Jason Garrett

  1. Sorry, Alexa, I don't care how cute he is. My lifelong status as a Giants fan (not to mention about 20 years with the Redskins as my #2 team) precludes me from finding anything remotely hot or sexy or fun or appealing in any way about Jason Garrett. Now if he were to put on a Giants jersey some day, and take over for Tom Coughlin, we'll talk. 🙂

  2. I think it will take more than my hot new friend to get your QB right. 🙂 Seriously, you should have seen that pass. I don't blame you for being upset about it, though; you all probably overpaid for Eli. And he's just throwing the ball to whoever is facing him at the time.

  3. Well, Alexa, the coaching staff for the Cowboys certainly has rocketed up in the hawt category. I'm definitely NOT a Cowboys fan, but I can step away from that to appreciate a nice smile accompanied by an intelligent response. I hope he's smart enough to take you up on that offer, Alexa!

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