Thank You, Twilight!

As I was preparing my blog post for this month, I saw one that I drafted last November and never posted. Do I wait another six months or do I post it now? The sun is shining brightly through the window and I can hear my kids playing in the backyard…


What am I thankful for?

An incredible husband, three wonderful children, supportive friends and a loving family. I’m really very blessed.

But let’s get real.

I’m thankful for the dream Stephenie Meyers had of a boy and a girl laying in a pretty meadow, a dream that turned into the Twilight story.

I’m not ashamed to say I’m thankful for every moment I was able to slip away into the town of Forks and lust over a vampire and a werewolf. I’m thankful for the screaming matches between me (a real person) and Bella (a fictional character) because it meant I was invested in the story I was reading. I’m thankful for the movie franchise and the people in charge of casting, for giving me the delicious eye candy known as Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner. (It took me a couple of years to get over my guilt about the latter one–he was so young! He’s 20 now- guilt be-gone.)

I’m thankful for the last movie in the Twilight series, although I’m sad that they’re gone. [I’ll relive every glorious (and not so glorious) moment on blu-ray. 🙂 ]

But mostly, I’m thankful for a set of books which introduced a new generation of girls to reading and hopefully, to reading romance.

This past weekend, I was thankful for other Twilight fans who joined me at the movie theatre for the Twilight Saga Marathon, all of the movies, back to back, leading up to the release of The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn, Part 2. It was so much fun, to be surrounded by true fans. We laughed, shared stories, cried and gasped. People are not shy about making fun of these movies, so to be with other women who felt like I did was liberating, and the camaraderie was quick and strong.

When the credits rolled, I was reluctant to leave the theatre, feeling that this was truly the end of an era. But I don’t regret any moment of the past four years spent as a Twi-Mom. It was a blast.

I can’t wait for the new story that will capture my imagination and love as thoroughly and completely as the Twilight Saga.

Happy Thanksgiving!   Enjoy a beautiful spring day!

6 thoughts on “Thank You, Twilight!

  1. Hi, Tracey! I did watch the first movie, and I admit that once I released my hard-wired vampire tropes, I enjoyed the romance. I have not read the books and may have to reconsider. It is true that Twilight was a gateway for girls to get hooked on reading romance, a fact for which I am truly grateful. As one fangirl (Browncoats anyone?) to another, it's sad when they're over, but they live on thanks to DVD!

  2. Hell yeah, Browncoats! My mother and I just did a day long marathon and it's so enjoyable to get caught up in the blush of first love! When you're ready, we can watch them together with popcorn and wine. 🙂

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