Books, Movies, Movies, Books: Wicked Good!

As children, we grew up watching Dorothy, in black and white, get picked up by a twister, hurled through space, time, and Kansas, and plunked down into the colorful world of Oz.

Two weeks ago, I watched a different version of OZ – a behind the scenes glimpse of the man and his inventive madness. It’s worth watching for the artwork in the opening credits.

Then two days ago, I sat in a theater on Broadway to learn the real truth of the matter, how the “Wicked Witch of the West” was defamed. Cursed with green skin as the result of her mother’s adulterous affair with a “traveling salesman” (a.k.a., the Wizard – evil bastard), she became the scapegoat for a society of talking animals, “humans”, and the fickle hearted Munchkins.

I have to admit, I started reading the new version, WICKED, and I had trouble finishing it. It’s gritty, earthy… long-winded. But turn that bad boy into a comedic musical and I’m all over that thing! Love, love, loved it!

If you haven’t begun reading WICKED, you should go ahead and try to choke it down. But then get thee to a theater for the Broadway (or traveling Broadway) versions. (It’s coming back to Richmond, VA in May 2014.) If there was a sixth star in the traditional rating system, it would have earned all six.

It’s come a long way from Mr. Baum’s version, but it’s only gotten better. That thing is WICKED good!

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