Forget April Fool’s Day; Try On Some April Fantasy!

By Alexa Day
I’m not big on April Fool’s Day. I want to believe that George Takei is in the next Star Wars movie. I would have gone for Google Nose. I’m not going for bacon-flavored mouthwash, but something that doesn’t make your life taste horrendous after you use it? Hey, that might be nice.
Not big on April Fool’s Day.
But I don’t mind a little fooling around, especially when it comes to fooling around. The occasional game of strip poker keeps things lively and delays gratification, both fine side effects. And then there are the old standbys, Truth or Dare and I Never. No matter how well two people know each other, those two games never fail to produce at least one surprise. One of my favorite exes taught me a question game, in which the players must ask each other one question, and only one question, per turn. Answering a question with a question, evasion, and follow-up questions are all fouls.
The spirit of April Fool’s demands more of us, I think. The holiday and the coming spring cry out for a full-blown game of make-believe. Remember playing make-believe?
Okay, put that from your mind. This game of make-believe is 100% grown up. You know what that means? You got it! Real costumes!
With just a touch of effort, you can become a real, live fantasy character. I’m going to start you off with three, but I’m sure you can turn up a few more. Let’s begin with something easy.
1.       **Law enforcement. I touched on this a few months ago for Halloween – all you need is the little handcuff-and-badge package from the toy section at Wal-Mart. Clip the badge to your belt loop on one side and hook the handcuffs to the other side. Check yourself out in the mirror. Are you undercover? Are you the good cop or the bad cop? Are you serving a warrant? Warrants are *fun.* Enjoy!
2.      **Your future in medicine. While you’re at the Wal-Mart, you can probably score some toy medical instruments for just a few bucks. I know you can get a full-size fake stethoscope from one of the party stores for just a few bucks. But think this over. I personally don’t think the doctor is all that hot, as far as fantasy figures go. Maybe it’s because I only see the doctor when I don’t feel all that sexy myself. Instead, I suggest investing in a nice set of scrubs. They don’t cost all that much, and they are the most comfortable garments ever made – like sweats for warm weather. You can get them at Wal-Mart, too. In scrubs, you can go from doctor to masseuse, and that takes you from tell-me-where-it-hurts to tell-me-how-to-make-you-feel-better. Get yourself a candle and some nice massage oil, and then you’re all ready to get therapeutic and such like.
3.       **How the West was wild! Few things are more powerful than the lure of the West. You can be part of that! All you need is a straw hat and a couple of bandanas. If it costs you more than ten bucks, I’d be surprised. Pair the hat and one bandana with your favorite jeans, and you’re ready for a bonfire or a little camping on the range – or a quick getaway after a good old-fashioned bank robbery. Why do you need a couple of bandanas? So you can tie someone up (gently, of course) and gag that person at the same time. Can’t have that person telling the sheriff, can we?
Okay, that should be enough to get you started. How you finish … well, that’s on you!
**Author of ILLICIT IMPULSE, Alexa Day brings a little sexy to your everyday world on the first Wednesday of the month, right here, Below the Fold. Can’t wait a whole month? Catch up to her every Thursday on her blog, at Passionate Reads on the second Monday of the Month, on Facebook, or on Twitter.

8 thoughts on “Forget April Fool’s Day; Try On Some April Fantasy!

  1. Of the three, I'd have to go for the wild, wild west. I always wanted to be a cowgirl, and I already have a bona fide Stetson in my closet that gets pulled out once every couple years when I get to a Toby Keith concert–who, by the way, had the mega-hit “Should've Been a Cowboy.” 🙂

    I've always enjoyed the sexy librarian thing too. During the day, she's all buttoned up, but underneath the bun and glasses lives a siren waiting for the chance to escape!

  2. Leah St. James!! *blushes* I never knew that about you!! lol

    A very imaginative post, Alexa! I never thought about April Fools Day in that way, but the moment I read “April Fantasy” I was ashamed it had never crossed my mind. And any post that gets LSJ to share her… proclivity… for cowboys is a go in my book! 😉

  3. OMG, I totally have to see a picture of you with the Stetson on. 😉

    Hot librarian is a very cool option! The glasses are pure theater, and then there's that magical moment when you can pull out the hairpins!

  4. I love it! It's true confessions day here on W3!

    Speaking of which … I have to admit that I'll seize any opportunity to play dress-up. I do love my costumes!

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