Nights in Leopard-Print Satin: Why You Should Have Satin Sheets

By Alexa Day
I had my hair done a couple of weeks ago, and to protect the style, I was forbidden to put it up at night the way I ordinarily would. A friend of mine asked how I was working around the restriction. I told her that I was using a satin pillowcase.
Her response suggested that maybe not everyone has a satin pillowcase. I don’t remember exactly what she said, but I was glad I hadn’t mentioned that the pillowcase was part of a satin sheet set. In fact, I used to have two satin sheet sets, but then I got a bigger bed and had to get rid of them.
Now I’ve just got the leopard-print set.
Okay, okay. I know what this sounds like. And I promise, I don’t live in the center of the Bob Guccione School of Interior Design. This really does look like a normal home, at least in the receiving areas to which invited guests are generally exposed. If you didn’t know it, you’d never guess that an erotica writer lives here.
So my suggestion, of course, is going to be that you should also have a set of satin sheets. Because seriously, why shouldn’t you?
They’re surprisingly inexpensive. You can get them at Wal-Mart and You can even get them from Sears. Not that there’s anything wrong with Sears. It’s just that one does not expect to obtain satin sheets and power tools (like the hardware kind, silly) at the same place.
Don’t be put off by the leopard print, although those are pretty easy to find. You can score satin sheets in the same solid colors as the regular cotton kind. They’re also available in zebra print. Hmm.
But your question, I think, was about why you should have them. Beyond my standard response – why not? – I can offer you a couple of good reasons.
They are very cool to the touch in the summertime. After a whole day under the window unit at my place, the satin sheet set is a wonderful place to land.
There’s no better place for such an indulgence than the bedroom. They’re a sensual secret just for you. Having them tucked away inside your bedroom is a little bit like wearing the special occasion lingerie on a regular workday – because every day should be a special occasion.
They launder well. I think they’re easier to maintain than cotton. If you act fast, that spilled drop of wine won’t seep in. They dry with lightning speed in the regular dryer.
They’re almost friction free. That’s right. You’re going to slide on satin sheets like nobody’s business. It’s fun. Try it, and you’ll see.
At the very least, the satin pillowcase is good for your hair. I think you should go all the way and get the whole set. In for a penny, in for a leopard-print pound.
I’m celebrating my very first release day today! ILLICIT IMPULSE is available from Ellora’s Cave right now, as I write this. It’s the story of a hot scientist, his best friend, her boy toy, and a very sexy experimental drug. Here’s a little peek at where the trouble starts:
Grace met John’s gaze. “Tell me what you need me to do.”
His skin heated again. What was wrong with him?
“I need you…to take the pills…”
She lifted a fine eyebrow. “And?”
“And then have sex…”
She grinned then, her teeth very white against the burgundy of her lipstick. “With Tal. Right?”
He shrugged. That was, of course, who he’d had in mind. But what he needed already defied the fundamental tenets of scientific research. He definitely wasn’t going to go further out of bounds by telling her who to have sex with.
Grace chuckled, a throaty sound that might have been genuine amusement or something a bit less pleasant. “John, I hope you’re not thinking I’ll take these and then my eyes will be opened and I’ll see Tal doesn’t want to be in a relationship.” She put the pills back on the table next to her glass. “I mean, I know you have some kind of issue with him.”
“Issue” didn’t begin to cover it. Tal only saw her at his place, and only at night. After two years, she’d never mentioned meeting his family or going away for the weekend or celebrating an anniversary. Never mentioned flowers or Christmas gifts. So far as John knew, Tal never even took her to dinner. As happy as Grace said she was, John knew she deserved more than what she had.
“Grace, I’m not trying to pull anything. I need someone who’s not in a relationship. I need someone who’s willing to tell me everything. I even need Tal.” He hated the way that felt in his mouth. “Look, I don’t want you to get hurt. That’s no secret. And if these pills make you see things a little differently, then so much the better. But I really just need your help.”
“Good. Because I know Tal doesn’t want a girlfriend. So we’re all on the same page.”
John nodded, lifting both hands in surrender. “Right. I get it.”
“Okay.” Grace pursed her full lips. “If I do this, what would happen after the sex?”
John swallowed, hoping she didn’t sense the sudden rush of discomfort that seemed so painfully obvious to him. “Then you report back.” He cleared his throat. “To me.”
A mischievous giggle bubbled out of her. “You want me to have sex with Tal and then come back and tell you about it.” Coming from her mouth, the idea sounded ridiculous. “I presume you would need this to happen more than once.”
“Well…there are eight pills in a pack.”
Grace picked up the blister pack again and stared at it in silence. As John scrambled to scrape up the last of his persuasive powers, she said, “Deal.”
The tension that had been crushing him released its grip. She’d do it. “Oh, Grace. I owe you big time.”
She tucked the pills into her purse and laughed. “I have a feeling the pleasure’s going to be all mine. Just don’t be too disappointed if nothing changes between me and Tal,” she said. “And don’t be too shocked when you hear about what we do together.”

**On the first Wednesday of the month, Alexa Day brings a little sexy to your everyday world! Pop by her blog at, follow her on Twitter, or catch up to her on Facebook. She’d love to see you!


6 thoughts on “Nights in Leopard-Print Satin: Why You Should Have Satin Sheets

  1. Hey, Miz Published Author! CONGRATULATIONS! Soon as I saw that title I HAD to check it out. Yeah, I wrote about jaguars, but the world loves to confuse 'em with leopards, so why should I be a snob. Spotted animal print silk sheets, huh? Niiiice! I'd heard they were slippery, the better to maneuver, some might add. Not me, no, not me. Well, okay, me. And the indulgence factor is a very good point. I shall have to invest in a set. Not in time for me to enjoy with ILLICIT IMPULSE since I made sure to get my copy today, but perhaps on a re-read. All the very best of luck, lady fair!

  2. Wow, oh wow! Congratulations, Alexa! Have to go download my copy. 🙂 And thanks for the tip about satin sheets and hair. I never would have imagined that to be one of the hidden benefits. I imagine myself spending some time sliding around just for fun!

  3. Lol. My experience is that one needs just the tiniest bit of friction. I could go further, but I'm going to exercise a little restraint, just to see what that feels like.

    Definitely worth the investment!

    I hope you're enjoying the book!

  4. Okay – you convinced me in a very convincing manner – satin sheets are the next new sheets I will buy. And as soon as I get a nook or a kindle, I will download your book. Congrats

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