So here we are on February 25th and March is knocking on our door. This year seems to really be flying by, but winter is still hanging on with it’s fingernails dug right into my sunshine wishes.

Hopefully, we’re running out of cold winter days though, at least that’s what Punxsutawney Phil would like us to believe. So, here’s to hoping that little guy was right and we’re counting down the last of the cold and blustery days of 2013.

Today is a perfect day to celebrate that too because  IT’S NATIONAL CHILI DAY. 
Yes. Really. I wouldn’t kid you about this.

So, how do you like your chili?
Good ol’ Texas style with no beans?
Con carne?
Or are you one of those healthier eating turkey or vegetarian chili lovers. Do you like lots of chunky tomatoes or do they need to be pureed to suit your palette, like my husband?

And now the real question.
Do you like your romances as spicy as your chili?

Me? Well my chili tastes do match my choice in romances. I like mine with a mild heat that’s hidden under a little sweet.

Happy Chili Day!


3 thoughts on “Forward….MARCH!

  1. Interesting analogy, Nancy! Oddly, I can't tolerate hot foods (mild is about as spicy as I can go), but in my reading (and writing!) material, I'm definitely in the hotter column! Fun post. Happy National Chili Day!

  2. Happy National Chili Day! Think I'll have to head out at lunch and grab a bowl! I agree with Leah, Nancy! Nice analogy between taste in food and taste in reading. Personally, I like my chili and my reading to be more full spectrum. Nothing like a nice Cincinnati Red sweet with nutmeg, but a good 5-Alarm Texas Chili will definitely crank my tractor. Romantic Elements to Spicy would cover my reading, thank you very much! After all, I love my Fantasy With A Kiss of Romance!

  3. So, Leah, you channel your inner hot girl in your writing 🙂 I totally would have had you pegged as a Hot Jalapeno!

    Oh Denise….I think I'd like you too whip up some chili. You have all the cool buzz words.

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