Snow On Friday/(Tuesday*64) = Southern Virginia in January

Thirty degree variation in one week?
I know! Crazy, right?
I’m drafting my Monday morning blog post on Friday evening with nearly 3″ of snow outside and temperatures in the 20’s. But as a lifelong Virginian – I ain’t scared. Oh no! Because if you’re a Virginia native like me, you know that no weather pattern is going to stick around long in these parts.

Case in point — our forecast —

And quite honestly the snowy icy cold weekend is perfect timing, because I’m on deadline. PECAN PIE AND DEADLY LIES is due to my editor on February 1. It’s been a really fun book to write because I’ve been spending all my free time with honky tonkin’ country western singer Cody Tuggle and well….’nuff said! He’s a hot hero and if you read Out of Focus, you already know that.

Knowing that we’ve got a couple nearly 70 degree days coming up next week, I think that I’ll be able to keep my buns glued to the chair through the cold days and make the last tweaks so I can play outside later this week 🙂

Now — today, JANUARY 28, is National Kazoo Day. So here’s to happy memories of kazoo playing birthdays and driving our parents crazy when we were kids. Yes, they still sell them at Dollar Tree – so stop and pick some up and surprise your family with some dinner music tonight. That’s bound to get a smile (okay maybe an eyebrow lift).  Trivia:: Alabama Vest (a man, not a clothing outfitter) first invented this delightful-sounding, easy to play instrument in Macon, Georgia in the 1840’s.

Wish me luck on the deadline. Hopefully by next post I’ll have the final cover for Wedding Cake and Big Mistakes to share with you – coming July 9th!

How’s your January been?

About Nancy :: I am the author of the Adams Grove series and the co-author of the YA novel, inkBLOT. I write stories from the crossroad of small town and suspense.

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Wedding Cake and Big Mistakes will come out in July, followed by Pecan Pie and Deadly Lies around Labor Day.  
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Hugs and happy reading.

2 thoughts on “Snow On Friday/(Tuesday*64) = Southern Virginia in January

  1. Hi, Nancy! National Kazoo Day? Only in America where we believe in celebrating EVERYTHING! I loved the factoid about the inventor of the kazoo. That name is just asking for a story, isn't it? I'll have to google him to see what's behind/supporting that name. Good luck with PECAN PIES AND DEADLY LIES. Gotta love your titles! Off to toot your horn and spread the word.

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