Cooking Wtih Gas, by Elvy Howard

Easy, excellent, cornish hens.

Rae was trying out some new recipes for The Sea Witch Saloon and Grill when I happened by, she said, “I was looking for something different to offer the non-red-meant eaters out there and I think this one might be a keeper.”
Here’s her recipe:
– In a small (9X12″ baking pan), on a bed of sliced onion, (sweet onion if available) and sliced red grapes, place a split cornish hen marinated in three/quarter cup of any kind of salad dressing mixed with one heaping tablespoon of black bean/garlic sauce (found in the oriental section of the grocery) and two Tablespoons of Mild Curry Paste (found in the Indian section of the grocery) mixed.
-Marinate the hen at least one hour, or refrigerated, up to four hours, place on bed of onion/grapes, pouring rest of marinade over top and cook in a 300 degree oven for one hour, let sit, covered, ten minutes.
-Serve over jasmine rice with sauce created in pan.
“What I like about this dish is, once cooked it can be kept warm for up to an hour with no harmful effects on the overall flavor, perfect for big dinners, I think.”

I volunteered to be a tester and agree, this one’s a keeper. The intense chicken flavor was nicely counterbalanced by the onion/grape chutney reduction in the pan. Over rice, this was outstanding.

“What do you think we should call it?” Rae asked me, grinning at the look of ecstacy on my face as I took another bite.
I knew right away, “Asian Curried Hen, sounds right to me. What do you think?”
“Maybe Curried Asian Hens. I like that. Thanks.”
From me, Rae, and everyone at The Sea Witch, don’t let Halloween get here before you treat your self and a good friend or significant other to a wonderful dinner like this. A salad, a good Chardonnay and rolls will round out this meal nicely.


6 thoughts on “Cooking Wtih Gas, by Elvy Howard

  1. Oh my goodness, Elvy, you and Rae have got to invite me over the next time you ladies are cookin' something up. That sounds delish. It's also strangely synchronous with my planned dinner tonight, Chicken Curry with Vegetables. I'd love to put it over some jasmine rice, but we're dieting so it's just curry. I'm definitely going to remember this one for apres diet. Thanks!

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