September to Remember: Three Date Nights to Fall For

By Alexa Day
Autumn begins this month. Nights will slowly get longer, the leaves begin to change color, and before long, traditional fall festivals will start to crop up. Outdoor time is at its most comfortable in the fall – before long, it’ll be too cold to really enjoy yourself outside for more than a few minutes. I would say that we’re going to make hay while the sun shines … but my plans for the month will all be taking place after dark! Read on for three sexy September activities you can enjoy under cover of darkness.
1.       The fair. The local fair – state, county or what have you – is a fabulous place to go on a date. It’s got everything a typical date needs: food, entertainment, the chance to take a long walk with your honey, dessert, and a little excitement. There’s something very sexy about food you can eat (or feed each other) with your fingers. Stay for a concert as the sun goes down. You’d be surprised by some of the acts that play the fairgrounds! While you’re walking off that heavy meal, your sweetheart can win you a prize at one of the midway games. (Let me tell you a secret about men. If a man wins you a prize at one of those games, he will absolutely feel like a king. Somewhere in the instinctive part of their minds, the midway is like the knights’ tournament.) Later you can get buckled in to one of those rides – the bumper cars if you’re competitive, one of those high speed loop-the-loop things if you want to scream, the Ferris wheel if you’re up for a little private time. On the way back to the parking lot, stop for a funnel cake. Dates don’t get an awful lot better than that. Go after sundown if you’re looking for a more date-friendly atmosphere. Something about all those flashing lights just heightens the excitement.
2.       The high school football game. The season’s already started, but if I were you, I would wait a couple of weeks before I went to the game. Right now, everything is still kind of raw and new, and it’s still pretty light outside. If you wait just a little while, you can enjoy a nice hometown version of Friday Night Lights. Bring a blanket with you – you can sit on it if it’s warm and snuggle beneath it if it gets chilly. When you get to the game, be sure you are sitting on the correct side of the field. You want to be with the home team, don’t you? Then you want to pick a distant, lonely place in the bleachers. Don’t worry; you’ll still be able to see the game. Not that you came here to watch the game. While you and your sweetheart hang out and enjoy the game, you can talk about how high school was when you were students. I find this experience is even better if you hated high school – it’s very refreshing to go to a game when you’ve escaped the very insular world that is high school. Enjoy the game. Enjoy the weather. Then once it gets dark and everyone else is watching the game, you can enjoy each other’s company.
3.       The hayride. I encourage you to use care when choosing a hayride. The “haunted hayride” is basically your chance to be an extra in a slasher movie. Now, if that’s your thing, I don’t judge. That just doesn’t say ‘sexy’ to me. If you look hard, you can find a nice quiet hayride you can share with a few other couples. You can get to know them a little better with a sing-along and conversation, and you can get to know your sweetheart a little better under one of the blankets they keep in the wagon. Add some hot cider, a bonfire, maybe some s’mores, and before you know it, you and your honey are having a very romantic time.
You can make this a September to remember! What are you waiting for?**Sure, it’s getting cooler out. Alexa Day believes in keeping things nice and hot every day. Her monthly W3 post, Below the Fold, brings a little heat to your everyday. If you need heat more often than that, check her out every Thursday at her blog on


8 thoughts on “September to Remember: Three Date Nights to Fall For

  1. Hi, Alexa! I love Fall and you've touched on three quintessential Fall activities! Your sexy spin on those events certainly has me shifting my view of same. The “hopefully” dropping temperatures just naturally lend themselves to snuggling. Here's to a fun and cuddly September!

  2. Boy, am I late reading! Better late than never?

    Football is hands down my favorite. You can cuddle under those blankets and warm your hands around a cup of hot chocolate from the food booth…staffed by unpaid, frazzled and exhausted team parents. Oh, sorry. Flashback there. 🙂 I love autumn.

  3. Hey, a nice blanket, some nice hot chocolate, and a little help from our friend Mr. Flask, and all those flashbacks go bye bye!

    Never too late to stop by — always good to see you!

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