Back to School = School Supply Sales = ★★★★★

I hope everyone has had an amazing summer. Just like when I was a kid, it felt like it went by too quick, but I can’t say I’ll be sad to see some cooler temperatures roll in. It’s been a steamer! 
It’s been a long time since I’ve been in back-to-school mode, but I love it when the circulars start coming out with all the back-to-school supplies, because if you ask me there’s a smudgy grey line between school and office supplies. And even though I don’t have kids, you can bet I’ll be right there in line next to Mom’s with their baskets loaded – the only difference will be I won’t really have a checklist hehehe. Oh, and even better, I don’t have to share. I’ll stock up on notebooks, markers, pens, pencils and, yes, even some crayons. You just never know when you’re going to need a day to color outside the lines. Best therapy ever!
Kids these days are lucky. They live in the land of sticky notes and erasable ink pens. When I was growing up my mom would scotch tape scraps of paper to her pocket book with embarrassing lists of everything she didn’t want to take a chance on forgetting. The whole world knew what her priorities were. Those new erasable ink pens are the best. I remember having to sacrifice many a page of legal ruled paper after making too many mistakes on the ink rewrite. Not any more….have you tried those Pilot FriXion ink pens. They are the superhero of ink pens. A little rubbery end, not like an eraser at all – more like a smooth piece of rounded plastic, that somehow sweeps away your ink and leaves the paper unmarred.
The other thing back to school makes me think of is that great line in the movie You’ve Got Mail. Remember when she talks about a “bouquet of sharpened pencils”? Man, if someone gave me a bouquet of sharpened pencils, or better yet pretty highlighters…I’d be thrilled to pieces.
So what’s a blog post without at least one fun picture?
Here’s a picture of one of my very favorite birthday presents on my 50th birthday 7/29. My dogs, Hunter and Dakota, got it for me. They did too, my husband said so!   Isn’t it adorable. It’s a sticky note holder!

That’s my thoughts on Back to School and School Supplies — a five star event!
Life is good in 2012. Mom’s, I hope enjoy the time that you’ll have back now that the kiddie’s are back in school…for the rest of us…stock up on crayons and practice coloring outside the lines. It’ll do ya good.
Hugs and happy scribblin’
PS – the re-release of Sweet Tea and Secrets is just around the corner. It’ll be out in print, digital and audio on 9/25. New cover, new twists. I hope you’ll help me spread the word. You can even pre-order if you like à

8 thoughts on “Back to School = School Supply Sales = ★★★★★

  1. Nancy, every year I convince myself that I'm the only non-parent on Earth who is looking forward to the school supply sale. I got a brown paper bag in my Sunday paper with the assurance that one of the office supply chains will give me a hefty discount on everything I can get in the bag. I spent yesterday and today daydreaming about how many notebooks, index cards and pens I can get into that bad boy.

    My favorite find — aside from the pink, purple and green ballpoint pens — is the drafting eraser. One of my exes gave me one; it's white and erases very cleanly, without picking at the paper. I do so love it.

  2. Hi, my name is Leah, and I am an office-supply junkie. 🙂 You name it, I want it — index cards, pens, stickie notes…and forms. Forms are my special obsession. When I was a kid, I used to buy those carbonated receipt pads, not because I was selling anything, but because they were fun to play with. Then I graduated to the big time — carbonless forms. 🙂 I have that same brown sale bag and spent a good while on Sunday pouring over the sale flyer to see what I would buy! After reading your post, Nancy, I'm heading for the aisle with the erasable pens!

  3. Thanks, Nancy, for bringing back the memories and forcing we junkies to confront our addictions. And Hi Leah! I am also an office-supply junkie. My latest acquisitions were a black stiletto shoe-shaped tape dispenser and these neat thin bulletin board strips.

  4. Yes! Call them office or school supplies – it's all the same to me. I get just as mesmerized by the markers and crayons as I do the clips, pens, and pretty paper.

    So happy back-to-school sales and I hope everyone has a wonderful and relaxing Labor Day weekend. Keep your peepers open for the kiddies at the bus stops.
    Hugs and happy reading~

  5. I got on to tell you about the perfect accessory to go with your purse sticky note dispenser, but Denise beat me to it. (If you're interested, the high heel shoe tape dispenser is at Wal-Mart.) My childhood thrill has dimmed a little over the years with buying supplies for my kids. It seems the list is never-ending. (Mostly because my kids keep telling me things one at a time. “Mom, I need a protractor by tomorrow!” “Mom, I need graph paper!” “Mom….” Despite all of this, I still got a cheap little thrill, and a wave of nostalgia, when I saw a Blue Book the other day. You remember Blue Books, don't you? The kind that you would have to use on an essay test? Took me back to the day! ( : Thanks for sharing this.

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