National Night Out

National Night Out 2012

Wednesday was National Night Out.It is the annual event, when neighborhoods across the country stand against crime. A time when communities get together and commune – be neighborly and get to know each other. Neighbors set up tables and covered their tables with edible treats. Even policemen and firemen showed up to show their support for the event.That was great, but during it all I planned a murder.

The sweltering and oppressive humidity made each step feel like twenty. Sweat dripped down my brow. Gray clouds marred the evening sky. At first, I mingled; I spoke about the neighborhood’s lack of vermin, trapping squirrels and large snakes; I discussed the sounds of sirens. With a lull in conversation, I said my goodbyes and headed to the next spot in the community. It was there that I discovered someone I could question about what I’d been dealing with all day: how do I kill someone without it being suspicious.

This was no typical lady-gossip, as one woman, overhearing my question, blared her eyes and cut her gaze to mine. I was in the murdering business and needed my facts to be plausible and straight. Finding such a source, I couldn’t risk not asking for the sake of curious ears.

But the thought of cold handcuffs being slapped on my wrists made we flap my arms like a riled up chicken until I got  the eavesdropping  woman’s attention. “Oh no,” I said. “I’m an author. I’m not really trying to kill someone.”

She visibly relaxed. I could almost imagine elation oozing from her shoulders for her civic duty was negated and the threat of someone calling the police on me was now over. 

It only took sixty seconds for my potential conversation to land me in more than hot water. On Wednesday,  I learned two valuable lessons. If you’re going to talk about murder, have a business card; and, make sure your crowd of listeners know that your crime is only in the name of fiction.

 What did you do on National Night Out?


Tina Glasneck is the writer of the suspense novel, THOU SHALL NOT. She loves creating unique three-dimensional characters and story with grit. She blogs on W3 on the second and fourth Fridays of the month. You can also follow her on Twitter: @TinaGlasneck and connect with her at her Facebook fanpage


4 thoughts on “National Night Out

  1. Uh…I must confess. I came home from work, ate, watched True Blood with my hubby, and went to bed. I was probably asleep while you were sweating away the visions of handcuffs and cold metal bars. 🙂 Great idea though, Tina! It's the perfect gathering of people to not just collect theories, but maybe test reactions!

  2. Hi, Tina! Fun post. This past Wednesday was JRW's Writers' Wednesday, which I host ever month, so I couldn't have participated. The good thing is that WW is a venue where you could have asked that question without the risk of someone suspecting you of being a pending murderer. lol Feel free to drop in some time.

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