Summer Time Deviled Eggs

Rae Green, down at the Sea Witch Saloon and Grill, said to give you-all a shout out for July with this recipe of hers sure to have everyone clamoring for more;  so here’s the recipe for Rae’s Summer Deviled Eggs.

·         Large or jumbo eggs

·         Mayonnaise
·         Hot sauce
·         Dry mustard
·         Fresh herbs such as parsley, sweet marjoram, dill, oregano. If using dried herbs, add more butter
·         Seasoning salt
·         Shallots
·         Butter, salted or unsalted, adjust seasonings as needed
Rae said a micro-plane type grater comes in handy as does a food processor, but you can use a regular grater and a hand mixer as well. 
Hard boil your eggs and while still warm, peel and slice them. Rae’s are cut differently from any others I’ve seen, she snips off a slice from each end and cuts then in half in the center, where the egg is largest.
She then sits them on their ends, which was kinda cool. The egg yolks go into the food processor and for every three yolks she adds a tablespoon of commercial mayonnaise (actually, she eyeballs it, that’s what I think it was), ¼ tsp. dry mustard, a dash of hot sauce (you can’t taste it but it does something great to the egg flavor), the herbs, about a teaspoon of one or a mix, and some seasoning salt, she likes Cavenders, to taste.  Grate in some shallot, again to taste. She put in a whole, large shallot for six eggs. 
She hit the processer button a few times and then took, for every three yolks, one tablespoon of butter, and melted it. While it was still hot and bubbly, and with the food processor running, she poured the butter in the processor, the entire mixture ballooned and it was done.  She filled the egg cups, sprinkled the plate with more fresh, chopped herbs and refrigerated it.
She said they were even better if allowed to sit overnight, and because of the butter, pretty shapes from piped egg yolk mix held up better after being refrigerated,  but the ones she made that day didn’t make it past an hour. Best wishes from everyone at the Sea Witch for a wonderful Summer.

More of Rae’s recipes and her story are in the upcoming novel, Love on a Half Shell, published by Edward Allen Publishing.


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